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Welcome to my…

…web site running on my home server. Here you'll find stuff as I can be bothered making it available, updated infrequently. My first attempt at any CSS HTML, so it may break on some browsers, although most of the standards I'm trying to implement have been around for years.

Of late I've been getting sick of editing HTML, so more of this site is steadily moving into a MediaWiki driven wiki, so feel free to check it out.

You may be wondering why the "stix" everywhere; it's a nickname I received in honour of my slight frame, around 1988, when in year 8 of high school. What can I say, it stuck!

What's here


A bit of a blurb on who I am, and how and where this site runs.


Some bits and pieces I've decided to let out to the world at large.


Articles and notes when I get around to putting them up. See also my wiki.


Some selected photos, since I now have a digital camera.


Some of my choice sites out in the nether-regions of the 'Net.


Since I was getting tired of writing straight html, I've decided to move some of this site into a wiki.


Here you will find the scribblings and photos of two friends, Lee and Stacey, as they travel around Australia.

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